Helping Private Equity firms do more with their Intellectual Capital

“I want our Private Equity firm clients to discover just how much they can do with Invenias and its ability to instantly identify connections between multiple candidates.”

Frank Suhadolnik, partner at Brightbridge Search, is making all the right connections. He specialises in data. Or more specifically, the data that helps his Private Equity firm clients quickly find and place the senior executives they need to strengthen management teams and boards across diverse industries. And, in Invenias, he has the perfect tool to help him search out the best talent around.

“I use Invenias for everything: for managing my candidates and clients, and for business development.” He has been using the cloud-based platform for five years and says: “Invenias offers us and our Private Equity clients an insanely powerful way of carrying out searches across systems.”

This is important, he explains, because his clients amass huge volumes of data, yet all too often are unable to capitalise on it. “It’s their intellectual capital, but typically they don’t know how to retrieve the information they’ve captured on the board level executives, non-executive directors and senior managers they come into contact with day in, day out,” Frank says.

“Invenias offers us and our private equity clients an insanely powerful way of carrying out searches across systems.”
Frank Suhadolnik

“The problem is that they invest in such a wide spectrum of industries that they don’t get the opportunity to build on the networks within each industry. That’s where I help out. I use the Invenias platform to build living, breathing maps of my clients’ portfolio companies, and to identify associations between potential candidates that they would otherwise miss.”

At the touch of a button, Invenias pulls in data from across diverse social networking sites, and this information is integrated into the Invenias database. Frank’s starting point is always to tag, or categorise, every piece of information he is given by a client or candidate as he inputs it into the Invenias database, something he does daily.

He continues: “The data in the system then becomes invaluable. For example, within Invenias, I can map one company’s relationship with another company and this gives me snippets of information that I can use. I might discover that one company is owned by certain investors, who also hold other businesses. In turn, these businesses could be on the lookout for executive talent or need an injection of capital. This presents me with a business development opportunity, either through a search assignment, or in my capacity providing investment recommendations.

“Or, we might be asked by a Private Equity firm to identify a chairman for a company in a certain sector. I can use Invenias to look at all the potential candidates in that sector, or with other connections to the company concerned, such as a working relationship with another senior executive. The ability to find the right people from within a database of thousands of potential candidates is a powerful business tool.”

“The ability to find the right people from within a database of thousands of potential candidates is a powerful business tool.”
Frank Suhadolnik

As an example, Frank explains how he recently took a call from a Private Equity client looking to fill a position in a very specific business. He simply filtered to show that particular business category, as well as the position being searched, and the system made the connections to instantaneously come up with a candidate. From him receiving the call to the new chairman being in position took just six weeks.

While Frank uses Invenias to manage his own firm’s business, he is also a keen advocate for the system’s use across his client base. “It is an outstanding product and would make so much untapped market data available in an instant. Private Equity firms know the value of this data and with Invenias they now have a way both to access it and leverage their networks across diverse industries. Invenias would be perfect to help them manage their portfolios of companies, as well as their internal hiring operations.”