Enabling Global Collaboration

“We run a global operation and have global teams. Invenias allows us to operate as one business, no matter what time zone we’re working in.”

The professional services industry is increasingly international. Legal, accounting and advisory firms have offices in multiple locations and view the recruitment of top talent as a strategic enabler. This is the world in which Carlyle Kingswood Global (CKG) operates. The executive search company prides itself on acquiring key performers and building teams for legal and accounting clients across the world. This demands a global collaboration capability

Steven Nunn, CEO of CKG’s Legal Division, says: “As the legal profession has globalised, we’ve extended our reach into Continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and North America. In this landscape, it is important for us that our global account teams can see, share and use the data we hold on their clients in real time. This means a single global database platform across all locations.”

CKG’s previous database providers were no longer up to the task. One required new servers in each office, which was prohibitively costly, while the other couldn’t match the speed of change in the software release cycle. Steven explains: “Microsoft typically launches new releases on a Sunday. Support from one of our previous platform providers was based in the US and this meant that our teams in Australia and Europe weren’t able to get help on the new releases until much later in their working day. We were experiencing too much downtime.”

Clearly, global support was a factor in CKG’s decision to move to a new platform. “I carried out some independent research and felt that the Invenias support system matched our international set-up,” says Steven.

“Another big plus point in Invenias’ favour was its compatibility with Outlook. This was really important for us. Previously our teams were flicking between the database and Outlook and we were losing data. Invenias integrates with Outlook and other applications that our teams use, such as LinkedIn. It makes a big difference to their productivity – and their work satisfaction levels.”

An Invenias project management team performed a comprehensive transition from the old platform to the Invenias cloud-based platform.

“It was pretty seamless, we continued to run our old system in tandem with Invenias for a short while, but in reality this wasn’t required.”
Steven Nunn

Training from Invenias helped to instil user confidence in the new platform. “It was important for us to get buy-in from day one to ensure everyone was happy to use the system,” says Steven.

The familiar, user friendly way in which data from linked private and professional networks can be captured and shared at the click of mouse also enthused users. “We’re now collaborating globally in real time,” says Steven. “This means that our consultants all feel connected. For example, an account team in London working with a client locally, can immediately share updates with colleagues in Australia who might be talking to the same client’s team in Sydney or Melbourne. This way we are able to give consistency of messages for clients with international locations, as well as duplicate relationship success internally across our offices. This is making our global account management even stronger.”

“Invenias has integrated well with our reports in Excel and we’re currently doing a lot of work around the visualisation of data, enabling both internal and external trend analysis. We’re able to do so much more with Invenias than we could previously –in real time, across the world.”