Tapping into the power of data

“We were ready for something more tailored to retained executive search firms, something that would move forward with us. That something was Invenias.”

Brian Styers is unequivocal. In his view as Vice President, Knowledge Management & Communications at executive search firm Charles Aris Inc., the company couldn’t have made a better choice in selecting the cloud-based recruitment platform Invenias: “We knew our previous platform wasn’t what we wanted moving forward. We needed a more powerful system capable of evolving in tandem with our own data-driven approach. So we spent two years investigating the marketplace.

“Invenias was always on my radar,” Styers continues. “We’d heard about it from a number of sources – including another member of the InterSearch executive recruiting alliance and through the Association of Executive Search Consultants. We combined those referrals with our own exhaustive due diligence, and as we whittled down more than 25 CRM options, our confidence in Invenias as an effective talent intelligence platform just kept growing.”

Ultimately, he adds, choosing Invenias was all about that clear sense of assurance:

“We are confident in our processes and in our capabilities alongside InterSearch partners across the world. But we hadn’t had that level of confidence in our digital recruitment platform before. It is liberating for us to use Invenias now because we know it can help drive us, our clients and our candidates forward.”
Brian Styers, VP – Knowledge Management & Communications

Having thoroughly examined the market and narrowed the options down to four premium platforms, the Charles Aris selection team dug deep into the functionality and value offered by each.

Brent Anthony, the firm’s Internal Talent Acquisition & Operations Lead, says they were impressed by the ways in which Invenias is tailored to upper-tier firms focused on retained executive search.

Anthony adds, however, that there was more to their ultimate selection: “Beyond the impressive functionality of the system itself, we were also encouraged by the commitment Invenias showed to investing in the bigger picture.

“Their team is growing; the platform is constantly evolving, with a whole new version soon to be released. We quickly saw that Invenias would change the way we operated and contribute to our future success.”

With its decision in hand, the Charles Aris selection committee – which included CEO Chad Oakley and COO Allen Oakley – communicated that same message to the company’s broader team of executive search consultants. Migrating to Invenias would not simply be a matter of replacing its old CRM system, but a massive upgrade in capability. A key element of that upgrade would be a significant improvement to the ways in which the company’s recruitment professionals could connect and deploy data.

Entering the data migration process with more than one million (600K company + 400K people) records, Charles Aris leaders knew that reliable, searchable, connected data was a goal well worth pursuing by transitioning to Invenias.

“We were utterly impressed with the expertise, effectiveness and efficiency of the Invenias team during data preparation and migration.”
Brian Styers, VP – Knowledge Management & Communications

Brian Styers, who leads the firm’s research, marketing and digital initiatives, continues “We had a challenge extracting our data from our previous host, but Invenias came to the rescue. Their lead data engineer is extraordinary – we knew from Day One that we were in safe hands with him. He worked not only with us but also with our old CRM provider, helping them extract the data we needed before cleaning and repairing it to ensure functionality before migrating it to Invenias. This helped put us in position to find potential candidates for our clients faster than ever.”

The Invenias Client Portal was also a big selling point for the Charles Aris selection team.

“We cannot wait to go live with it,” says Anthony, who leads internal training on the Invenias platform as new team members continue to join Charles Aris. “Our client organizations will be able to log on at a time that suits them and see exactly where we are with their talent searches. We anticipate the vast majority of our clients will want to use it right out of the gates.”

Anthony adds that the firm’s new portal won’t just be rolled out to the firm’s current clients; it also will serve as a vital tool for Charles Aris recruiting practice leaders to develop business with new clients: “We will be able to show potential clients how transparent we are in our 14-Step Priority Search Process. The Invenias Client Portal will give us an immediate touchpoint with hiring authorities, enabling them – and us – to stay in contact in real time, even when they’re not available on the phone.”

This transparency is something that Allen Oakley, the firm’s Chief Operating Officer, is keen to underscore: “We are open and transparent. Even the building we’re based in reflects who we are, in that much of it is made of glass and features open floor plans. To be able to roll that transparency into our client interactions via the Invenias Client Portal will be incredible.

“On a daily basis,” Oakley adds, “our clients will be able to see how we are working on their search assignments; provide feedback; and ensure that our progress is optimized. That’s a powerful tool.”

For Charles Aris Millennials, Styers says, Invenias simply makes sense: “It is adaptive, which is what they’re used to beyond the workplace.”

Non-Millennials, too, have enthusiastically embraced the intuitive functionality of the firm’s new recruiting platform.

“Our entire team is excited about Invenias,” Styers adds. “Our team members are now able to do things they couldn’t do before. There’s a real sense that we’ve caught up with where technology is and where it’s heading.”