Choosing the Right Driver for Recruitment

Colt Mackenzie McNair (CMM) is the leading executive recruitment specialist working in the golf markets of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Its roots draw on years of experience in the recruitment and golf business, resulting in a unique, client-driven and proven service.

With offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Dubai, CMM’s team of recruitment experts and researchers, all with unrivalled market intelligence and industry experience, recruit candidates for jobs in a host of golf-related sectors.

CMM proudly boasts some of golf’s most successful businesses and brands as clients and is able to deliver a wealth of effective recruitment solutions, including additional support services that help build, maintain and maximise the performance of a business.

As a global company, it is crucial that its technology platform allows consultants access to consistent, reliable data in real-time, wherever they are based across the world.

CMM felt their previous recruitment database no longer met their global business requirements and the continued extra costs presented to them each time an update was necessary were becoming increasingly frustrating.

Having carried out a comprehensive review of the market’s leading platforms currently available, CMM determined that Invenias was the preferred solution that met the specific criteria they had set out.

CMM Brand Manager, Adam Keable says: “The crucial thing for us is managing data. Now we’re really able to segment the candidates within the database, which is hugely important as there are a wide array of sectors within the golf industry that require specific specialisms. One thing that was really attractive to us about Invenias was the intuitive element of the product. The fact that it’s integrated with Outlook means that all of our applications are centralised making it far less complex to use.”

He continues: “Also as we have a number of different offices globally, an important element when acquiring new Search Software is that there is a seamless transition with our staff worldwide. So when we introduced the new technology, we knew we couldn’t have a lag period where there were delays due to training. Due to the intuitive nature of Invenias and some initial training prior to the switch, we were very much able to hit the ground running.”

“I really think that it’s the intuitive element of the product that has really made the difference.”
Adam Keable
CMM Brand Manager

Furthermore, CMM found that the platform allowed them to manage the company data effectively and efficiently, a key beneficial element that steered them towards choosing Invenias. “The new technology platform has been enormously valuable to us and has led to a much more efficient search process. This has given us the ability to target qualified individuals much quicker, which provides key gains in terms of both time and money,” said Keable.

“Another unexpected benefit that we have realised is that the time saved allows us to focus further on the operational side of the business. Rather than continually resourcing and investing time into the search process, we are able to look at our overall process and the service that we deliver. Whether it’s investing more time in the consultancy period with our clients or ensuring the aftercare we provide is of the highest standard the efficiency gains are significant for us. “For me personally, I really think that it’s the intuitive element of the product that has really made the difference and the integration with Outlook makes things so much easier. It captures so many things automatically.”

The centralisation of data and communication that Invenias offers with their platform is highly regarded by CMM and was another reason for choosing the technology. It fits directly with the company’s desire to work with a broad range of diverse clients and ensures that all searches and assignments deliver the very best shortlist of candidates for a role, whether a particular candidate works specifically in the golf industry or has experience from other sectors.

Keable enthuses about using a central hub, saying: “When a new assignment comes in, it is immediately shown as an assignment on the system which is accessible to all of our team. Information is shared and monitored right from the beginning to the end. A good example is when we have a search mandate in Asia whereby candidates will be sourced globally. For us it is vital that the different teams work together in identifying the most talented candidates.

“Therefore it’s very important that everything is centralised so that we can access job descriptions, information, salaries and packages. Especially with time delays, when it’s the afternoon in London, it’s night time in Hong Kong. But we can get any information straight away, it’s always accessible and accurate in real time, from anywhere in the world.”