Software Puts The Wind In A Search Team’s Sails

Holly Davis was surprised when members of her Atlanta-based recruiting firm asked to take a fresh look at executive search software. Today, that decision is paying dividends.

Like many of her colleagues in the ownership of search firms, Holly Davis had grown accustomed to the search software she had been using for many years. She didn’t expect to make the kind of change her team eventually lobbied for, nor the added capabilities they eventually gained by making the move to Invenias.

“I was open to making a change, but I wasn’t really convinced that new software could help us do our work better,” Davis recalls. “But I eventually gave into my team’s suggestion to look at what was out there, and I appointed the most tech-savvy person on our team to research our software options.”

The Davis Search team looked at a number of different software solutions. “We got referrals, and we found some software options were clearly better than others. All of them seemed to offer some basic options, and most of them were willing to do some customization – at a price. Some simply weren’t very good,” Davis says.

What caught Davis’s attention about Invenias, she offers, is its seamless and intuitive integration with Microsoft Outlook. “That’s what really caught my eye, because I’m not a technical person, Invenias appeared very natural to work with.”

The highly customizable aspects of Invenias as a software solution were also very attractive, Davis says, since hers is a firm that trades on very specific information needs that are particular to the legal industry.

“We really liked that we could choose how we view information on our screens and in important list views and reports, and how we could easily customize the system to meet our specific business needs,” Davis says.

“Another feature that really sold our team on Invenias was the capacity to work offline. If our internet access went down, it would have a big impact on our productivity. But keeping our critical data protected with a cloudbased system allowing us to work anywhere and have our work synched automatically just as soon as Internet service was restored was a big plus. We saw a lot of benefits to being able to work through a loss of internet connectivity.”
Holly Davis
Founder & President

Once Davis Search decided Invenias was the right choice, the firm’s founder observes, the focus moved to the timely and effective transition of critical data from its old system to the new software.

“We were really thrilled with the transition. Our tech leader managed the process from our side, and we got incredible support from the Invenias team,” Davis says. “The Invenias staff took the time to get the right information and understand how we use it in our work,” she adds.

“They were very good about answering any questions and touching base with us throughout the data migration, and they were really great about learning what our needs were and understanding how to properly transfer our records into Invenias,” Davis says. “They’ve really been great to work with.”

Davis says she has been impressed with just how seamlessly Invenias engages with social media and enables her team to update important records relating to candidates, clients and assignments.

“I can now more easily track how we find people, and everything we do is far more automated than ever before, because it’s easier than ever to capture and update the information we need about candidates. Invenias makes it easy for every member of our team to see how our search strategy is unfolding, what we have scheduled, and how we’re progressing on search assignments.”

Davis says her legal search team feels it has a leg up because of the reporting capabilities of Invenias, and its exceptional customer support team. She adds that the ease of the data migration, coupled with the support expertise that’s only a phone call away and the intuitive nature of the software interface combine to make it a smart business decision.

“My team is thrilled with Invenias,” Davis says.