The Data Migration Headache That Never Came

Perceptions about “the pain” of migrating the firm’s proprietary data into a new software platform were disproved by the seamless migration of data into Invenias, says Bill O’Callaghan.

Bill O’Callaghan, a partner with Discovery Search Partners, looks back on the days when his firm relied on an executive search software system that, as he describes it, was a “one-size fits all system, not particularly intuitive, and with no customization.

“We were always frustrated with the software platform that we were on,” he says. The people who used the system on a daily basis were able to complete their work, but those who didn’t have the time or interest to commit to such a level of usage found its user interface disappointing and incredibly frustrating. Requiring as many as 17 steps to retrieve data for a simple task was not acceptable, especially for their less “tech-savvy” users.

“The big thing for us was the lack of intuitiveness. It was just killing us. It was clunky and slow, and because it wasn’t easy to work with, some of us figured ‘Why bother putting all that great information in?’ It’s not like the data comes out in an easy format.”

O’Callaghan says he was as guilty as other members of the firm. “I don’t have the time to mess around with a system that I can’t easily use,” he recalls. Looking back on the firm’s decision to switch to Invenias, O’Callaghan says, there was really only one thing holding him back.

The firm had already realized it was going to have to make an investment decision. Discovery Search Partners has clearly been on a growth track, and realized that the transition to a new software platform was inevitable.

“If people don’t use your firm’s own technology, it’s already a major waste of time and money,” he figured.

But he was most concerned about what he described as perceptions about “the pain of the integration.” The big question the firm faced, he says, was “Are we going to be able to capture the data and transfer it seamlessly?”

The team at Discovery Search Partners looked at five other software platforms over the course of 18 months, and ultimately decided that only Invenias was worth the perceived pain of the data migration it would require – and soon realized that it wasn’t going to be a headache at all.

“The data migration worry was a non-issue. Our team and Invenias did a wonderful job partnering on the migration of data from our old system to Invenias. The Invenias staff were very responsive. The transition went smoother than I could ever have imagined.”
Bill O’Callaghan

The Invenias interface with Microsoft Outlook is slick, he says. “The big thing that was different from our old software was that, as I was going through the Invenias demo, I’m imagining doing everything without having to toggle between screens and do a lot of copying and pasting into the important data fields. I could easily record my activity,” O’Callaghan remembers.

Today, he explains, Discovery Search Partners are realizing a real boost in productivity and increase in information capture and exchange because of Invenias.

“The quality of data that is going into our Invenias system is clearly better,” O’Callaghan says. “I’ve talked to two of my most senior recruiters and they both said it allows them to be more efficient at capturing data, getting their work and note-taking done, and therefore maximizing the client and prospect calls they can make,” he adds. One of the key business impacts is that the firm has far better candidate and client data with which to launch new searches.

“Everything has been as we hoped it would be with Invenias. We’ve had great support and we’re all really using it to help us get our work done, whether we’re in the system on a daily basis or simply retrieving pieces of information based on what our specific business needs or responsibilities are at the time,” O’Callaghan says.

“We haven’t even begun to fully utilize the scope of functionality of Invenias,” he adds.

The experience thus far suggests that as Discovery Search Partners tackles new business challenges and continues to seize on new market opportunities, it will be well positioned to do so because of how the firm is working with Invenias and sharing their precious internal knowledge.