Implementing Invenias for the Fast-Track Path to Business Success

The past 12 months have marked a period of enormous change all round for Emerald Technology with global expansion and the introduction of new technologies to help support the business.

It began with the signing of a multi-million pound RPO with a leading telecommunications vendor, quickly followed by the establishment of their first international office, in Singapore, to help support growth in Asia, and the planned launch of an office in Dubai, to cover the increasing business in the Middle East and Africa. Plus the team in the UK has grown rapidly to 40 people to support the increase in UK and European business.

With all of this fast paced change across the business, and of course, the consequent financial impact, the most important thing for Emerald Technology initially was to ensure that their IT systems could support their planned growth.

The first significant change they decided upon was the migration from standard Microsoft Office to Office365. Moving to a cloud-based package not only ensured that their teams could be online 24/7, but also meant that e-mail storage was no longer limited to their UK servers, enabling consultants to work more effectively across the world.

Emerald Technology realised that their existing CRM system no longer met the needs of their rapidly expanding business. With their home and international offices opening and growing, they knew that they required a system which would enable them to work in the Cloud, so that their international teams never experienced any delays in their day-to-day work.

They specified that they needed a system that had been developed specifically to meet the needs of executive search, and had been designed and built by a company who not only understood the latest technology but who also understood the particular needs of the market.

“After thoroughly investigating the range of technology available for executive search we realized that only Invenias met all our requirements to support our rapidly growing business.”
Mike Jones
Managing Director

Invenias stood out because the product was sleek and intuitive, available on the desktop and on mobile devices, and fully integrated into Outlook. Furthermore it had been designed by ex-Search professionals and fitted easily with their business.

Emerald were keen that any new system was easily adopted by users with minimal training, and would also help to minimise the pressure to spend time on administrative tasks.

Invenias is an exciting, modern software vendor taking the executive search market by storm. Their technology is cloud-based, and will enable us to work more effectively across all our regional offices – creating a bigger ROI for Emerald Technology,” continued Mike Jones.

Adam DeSanges, Director at Emerald Technology was closely involved in the selection of Invenias and subsequent implementation project. “We found the team at Invenias excellent during our initial tendering process – they really understood our business.”

“Migration was just one concern of mine – in particular how smoothly could our 60,000 candidates and 40,000 clients be moved from our old system and stored in Invenias? In reality the migration itself went very smoothly, and the structured launch and training made the process, all in all, a very easy one.”

A commercial attraction for Emerald was the fact that Invenias operated a Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model, whereby the software is licensed on a subscription basis. The software is charged on a ‘pay monthly’ basis by user, meaning that new users can quickly and easily be added as they expand their global offices. The ease of adding users coupled with the rapid speed of adoption by new users is fundamental to the growth plans at Emerald Technology.

Adam concluded, “I can offer my highest recommendation to any search firm thinking of implementing Invenias. Moving to Invenias has been a great experience. The Directors look forward to continuing to working with them as our new technology partner, as we grow the business to our target of a £25M organisation.