Managing Clients, Candidates and Business Development with Invenias

Greg Cox says his executive search and HR consulting firm made a “quantum leap” with Invenias. The more his team uses it, the more they learn how it transforms data management, improves work quality and tracks new business development.

The search and management consultants at Generator Talent Group in Australia believe their success is dependent on both the quality of what they do and the strength of the relationships they have and connections they make. “Technology”, Cox shares, “is a very important component of this.”

Generator Talent Group works in three key practice areas: executive search, leadership and team development, and HR consulting. Its team comprises five partners in two cities, but it’s about to grow by another office location and two additional partners, so the ease of implementing new technology as the business scales is important.

“Specific tools that simplify and enhance reporting, assignment tracking and contact management have made a huge difference to what we do, and Invenias has enabled a level of functionality, communication and quality of work that Generator Talent Group simply couldn’t have achieved without it.”

“We’ve been using Invenias for more than 18 months. We find it feature-rich and user-friendly. Not only do we use it as our core Search Assignment management tool, we also use it as our core Client Management and Business Development tool.”
Greg Cox
Partner and Managing Director

“The more we use it, the more we discover what it can do,” he says. “We feel we have made a quantum leap in our capability and functionality in terms of identifying, contacting, managing, tracking and building relationships with Clients, Candidates and our overall networks,” Cox adds.

“It has revolutionized our approach in terms of a number of aspects of our business,” he adds. The deeper the Generator Talent Group team has taken its understanding of Invenias software, the more its members realize the benefits of using it for even more purposes.

Before moving to Invenias, Cox recalls, his team used Excel spreadsheets and other workarounds which proved too cumbersome once the business reached a level of scale.

To manage all those files in a coordinated way would have been impossible, he explains, because it would have kept the firm’s focus on database development rather than on new business development.

The depth and richness of the functionality has enabled us to do things much faster,” Cox explains. “We’ve been able to speed up our process and we’re feeling that we’re able to improve the quality of our work. We’re not wasting time on things that aren’t important to clients. Rather, we’re able to put even more time against our client projects and we’re communicating more efficiently.”

“The integration with Microsoft Office and direct ‘in application’ access to data sources such as business networking and social media sites has created significant productivity benefits.”

Cox says the impact of moving to Invenias is being felt across the business. He says Generator Talent Group uses the cloud-based software to track all of its new business development activities and client records in addition to leveraging its candidate and assignment tracking features.

“As we’ve become more competent in the operation of what’s available with Invenias,” Cox observes, “it keeps delivering improvements in our way of working. It’s not only increasing our productivity, but it’s also raising the quality of the work we do because we’re so tightly orchestrated in terms of information flow about candidates, clients and prospective clients.”

Cox says the quality of the firm’s work is critical, and the strength of relationships his team has and the connections they make are also vital to ensuring the right client outcomes. It is for these reasons that the efficient and timely input and tracking of information has become a competitive lever in executive search.

“We’re finding that Invenias is the purchase that keeps on giving, because we go around a corner and realise, ‘Oh, it can do this, too’.”
Greg Cox
Partner and Managing Director

Reflecting on the pleasant surprises his firm has realised after leading a search for the right software, Cox offers this: “We know Invenias is a sophisticated tool to manage a large and dynamic database, but it has really simplified things for our firm and it continues to add value for our team. It’s really a tremendous tool for us.”