Taking Recruitment To New Levels

“Our previous platform was failing to embrace the new and exciting technology on the market. We sought to replace it with a modern solution that would make us as efficient as possible – and Invenias was the answer.”

For Marci Lauber, a partner at US retained executive search firm Gilman Partners, Invenias offers the exciting potential to take recruitment to new levels. Previously using Encore from Cluen, the retained executive search and recruiting firm migrated to Invenias, after identifying it as the best solution to its diverse recruitment needs.

Marci sets the scene: “Before buying the firm in 2004, our managing partner Tom Gilman had spent more than three decades at Deloitte Consulting. During that time he’d become used to a high level of software. The company he bought, however, didn’t have a software package suitable for retained search. Instead, employees were saving files on servers and the process was heavily manual. Unsurprisingly, one of Tom’s first projects was to find an enterprise package for recruiters.”

Marci explains that with little choice on the market at the time, Gilman Partners selected Encore, going live with it in 2005. “This was a big change for us,” she continues, “and we happily used the product for around nine years. But technology moves on. Over the years, more and more functionality was added to market-leading software packages and applications, such as Microsoft and Outlook, and we wanted our search platform to do the same.

“We came to the realization that technology was passing Encore, and us by, so we began to look into what else was out there. It wasn’t an active search, but more a case of listening and observing the market. Tom heard about Invenias and was intrigued at its close connection with Outlook. We all live in Outlook, so the fact that Invenias did the same was hugely attractive.”

She says they tested Invenias and, as they learned more about what it could do, they became increasingly aware that their existing platform wasn’t meeting their needs. “We were amazed at how much more we could do with Invenias, and how it fitted with our desire for a cloud-based solution for all our data and apps” she continues.

“To start with, we loved the interface with Outlook. It’s so easy for emails and scheduled meetings in Outlook to be saved in Invenias at the same time. Then there’s the interface with other recruiting tools, such as LinkedIn. It’s fantastic to be able to click on the Web Tabs within Invenias and go directly to LinkedIn.

“Our recruiters previously had multiple windows open just to research one person, but suddenly they could check all the data sources simply by pulling up a name and looking across multiple tools in one place. It’s no wonder we made the decision to move to Invenias.”
Marci Lauber

With that decision made, Gilman Partners worked with a dedicated Invenias project manager to ensure a successful transition. Together they agreed on a work plan and discussed what the business wanted its new system to look like. The project manager then supported the technical implementation, providing all the formats and mapping documents. “It was made as easy as possible for us,” says Marci.

“As the liaison contact with Invenias, I also received training that I could then share with our recruiters. For example, I was taken through the lifecycle of a search so that I could question and understand every aspect. We were offered this for our whole team, but the intuitive nature of Invenias, combined with my initial training, was enough for us to get up and running quickly.”

She adds that they had high expectations of Invenias: “The fact that everyone, from more seasoned recruiters to new joiners, is able to start using Invenias within a matter of hours is impressive.

“Our recruiters are saving so much more information than before and, importantly, making it easily available to their colleagues. We all share best practice if something new arises and can access online help videos from Invenias if we need to refresh any of our knowledge.”

“There’s so much to love about the Invenias platform, even little things such as the fact that we can automatically attach a photograph from LinkedIn to a personal record within Invenias.”

Looking ahead, Marci is keen to use Invenias for more aspects of the firm’s recruitment, such as marketing activity and for outreach when networking for new job searches. “We’re also excited to see how we can use the marketing programs for our talent pipeline,” she says. “We can now save resumes/ curriculum vitae into specific talent pools, making it quicker and easier than ever to identify candidates for specific job types. The days of trawling through spreadsheets are over and Invenias has more than lived up to our expectations.”