Collaborative Recruiting Boosts Efficiency

“To be able to search for candidates based on the skillset we want is a real asset for our recruiters, saving the time and effort of trawling through spreadsheets.”

A focus on candidate and client success requires the Grey Anderson team of recruiters in Hong Kong to be able to collaborate and move fast when a position needs to be filled. For Evan Chin, Associate Director – Information Technology, that’s the beauty of the Invenias executive search platform the business now uses.

Evan says: “Team work is our main focus here at Grey Anderson. For our team to be effective we need to be able to share candidate and client information. And we want transparent data at our fingertips at any time so that we can quickly see who’s looking for what type of job, what their specialism is, and whether it matches a specific client requirement.

“This is precisely what we get with Invenias. We’d previously been a spreadsheet based organisation with different recruiters managing their own spreadsheets in silos. But that’s not what we’re about as a company. Working collectively is part of who we are and we recognised we needed to find a technology solution to enable this.”

Grey Anderson prides itself on its ability to identify the best candidate to meet each client’s individual needs. The business provides specialist recruitment services with a focus on the IT sector. But its client list also extend from the telecoms, luxury goods, consumer products and FMCG sectors, to media, supply chain, healthcare, tourism, property, financial and professional services, consultancy and utilities organisations. It’s a diverse mix and the company’s consultants have built a strong network of clients and candidates, for which technology has become a vital enabler.

Grey Anderson looked at a number of different technologies but discounted all but Invenias. “There was a range of reasons why other platforms weren’t right for us,” continues Evan. “Some were going to need a big IT effort that would tie up internal resources. Others weren’t intuitive enough for our users. We also wanted the assurance of technical support from within our region, which wasn’t always available with other suppliers.”

Invenias ticked all the right boxes. Evan is especially pleased by the level of IT support, saying: “It’s taken away the worry and effort because I know that I can call on Invenias whenever I need to. There’s no issue with time-zone delays, which is important for us. Put simply, we can focus on our business, not on the IT infrastructure.”

A key factor in the successful adoption of the Invenias platform by Grey Anderson is the ease of use and integration with Outlook. “It’s a ‘must use’ solution for us, says Evan. “Working with Outlook is part of our culture and the same can now be said of Invenias. Our consultants log into Invenias at the same time as they log into Outlook as a matter of course.

“We’ve now got all the information we need in one place and because it’s visible to everyone, each recruiter can immediately see what contact has been made with a particular candidate – and when. This means there’s no risk of a candidate receiving repeated calls from different recruiters. We can also quickly identify which candidates are no longer looking for work and, crucially, it’s possible to create a talent pool of specific skill sets or sector expertise, all within Invenias.”
Evan Chin
Associate Director Information Technology

Evan points to the increased productivity and efficiency as a result of this transparency. The firm’s consultants don’t waste time chasing up candidates no longer job hunting and clients get the best match for their needs faster than ever.

As Grey Anderson looks to expand its business, the ability for new joiners to be brought on board quickly and easily will be a boon. “There’s a strong recruitment market in Hong Kong and we intend to grab an increasing share of it,” says Evan.

“Invenias is a pay-per-user platform, so as we grow our own internal talent pool in line with the company’s expansion, we can immediately add head count as needed. There are online tutorial videos that make training new staff quick and effective. The fact that the Invenias support team also make this easy for us is another big plus factor.