Intelligence led Recruitment with Invenias

Established for over 15 years, Healy Hunt is a specialist executive search firm serving the UK, Irish and International markets. Operating from their head office in London they recruit mid to senior business and functional heads for roles in Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Professional Services and Specialist Corporates. They aim to deliver a personalised, consultative, advisory service offering both local knowledge and global reach.

In April 2013, Healy Hunt joined forces with Dublin-based Waddington Executive Search in line with the firm’s strategy of diversifying its proven services into new but related markets. The result – the first fully integrated Dublin-London search firm. This brought about a new set of challenges around sharing data across the firm in an integrated and timely manner.

Before making the move to Invenias, Healy Hunt found that their legacy system was cumbersome to use and not integrated with the way that people wanted to work. Kerry Baris, Consultant at Healy Hunt says, “You realize that you have to make a change when you use a messaging system like Outlook alongside a CRM system and they simply aren’t seamlessly integrated meaning people just work outside of the system.

You end up not recording vital information and getting a patchy, unreliable and incomplete database. Many conversations and email were simply being lost.” On the recommendation of another executive search firm Healy Hunt evaluated Invenias, along with a number of systems available on the market.

“We spent a long time looking for the right system and partner for Healy Hunt. We knew we wanted a real time system that was cloud-based, intuitive and easy to use, and integrated with Outlook, only Invenias ticked all the boxes for us.”
Paul Hunt
Managing Director

Invenias stood out because the product was sleek and intuitive, available on the desktop, and on mobile devices, and fully integrated into Outlook. Furthermore, the team at Invenias understood the market, having come from search backgrounds themselves.

Healy Hunt were pleased with the time taken to get up and running on Invenias, and the speed at which people became familiar with using the new system. Kerry comments, “Invenias is very intuitive – if you know how to work Outlook you know how to work in Invenias.”

As technology has enabled different ways of mobile working, and broadband at home has improved radically there has been real desire at Healy Hunt to look at more flexible and agile ways of working. “In our world the working day doesn’t just end at 5pm – you can have a very important client call in the US in the evening or an early morning candidate call in Singapore, you want the flexibility to be able to do these calls and record them on the go, in real time, wherever you are.”

Since implementing Invenias, Healy Hunt has benefitted from being able to offer consultants and researchers more flexible ways of working. Key staff can now work at home if they need quiet time and it has opened up opportunities for personnel looking for more flexible ways of working. This has enabled Healy Hunt to attract and retain people with specific skills and allow individuals more flexibility with their work/life balance.

“The fact that you have a system that’s reliable, that you can plug in anywhere and immediately be on-line accessing and sharing the same data as everyone in the office, has facilitated a very different attitude to people working remotely,” says Paul Hunt. “Furthermore, Invenias provides us with quality reporting and easy access to in-depth analytical information, which is essential to HR management and the development of policy agendas.”

An additional benefit is that using Invenias has enabled people to cover for others very easily, as Kerry explains,

“We can now offer our clients a continuous, seamless service. If someone is on holiday, or off work you can see exactly what assignments they are working on, where they are with a client, and what conversations they have had with candidates. This enables us to offer our clients levels of service that weren’t possible before.”
Paul Hunt
Managing Director

An unexpected but welcome benefit of using Invenias has been the amount that it has helped as a business development tool. “This has been an instant value add. Invenias allows teams that work in different areas of the market to identify opportunities for cross selling, or be part of a co-ordinated business development programme. Our Invenias CRM system provides many opportunities for cross selling and business growth. Access to information is now so simple,” Kerry concludes.