Search Team Finds Software Grows With Them

“I’ve been in the search business for almost 16 years and have worked with four or five software solutions designed for executive search and Invenias is the best I’ve ever worked with, hands down.”

Stephanie Hartman believes her colleagues at North Line Partners are taking the best of what they’ve learned from their experience with other firms to differentiate the search experience for clients and candidates. One of their key lessons was just how much the right executive search software can help accelerate their growth as a firm.

The search professionals at North Line Partners come from a handful of the world’s largest retained executive search firms. They learned important lessons and gained valuable experience that motivated them to launch the firm almost five years ago.

As with many start-up firms, it was a story of humble beginnings.

“In the beginning, as far as tracking candidates and assignments, we used spreadsheets,” Hartman recalls. “But soon, it become very clear that we needed to get a software solution that could serve as a central database system and having the right system in place was going to be vital for our future growth.”

So the firm’s small staff initially defaulted to a system some of them had used in the past at a previous firm. Their familiarity with that software, they then assumed, would help them get a leg up on their new business.

“Over time, however,” Hartman recalls, “that software system became more cumbersome to use and unless you were someone who was working with it every day, day in and day out, it really wasn’t user friendly. It really stopped being useful for our associates and client partners.”

The team at North Line Partners realized that it was time to start investigating new search software platforms, in part to keep pace with the growth that was fueling important additions to their staff.

“So we started our research knowing how important this next choice of software platform was and that it had to be the best of the best,” Hartman says. “We had some referrals from people we knew in the search business, and eventually we were led straight to Invenias.” This was in 2011.

Hartman says she and her peers were immediately impressed that Invenias was created by search professionals, and that its software could be modeled on its users’ specific information needs and how clients choose to operate.

“We set up a trial with Invenias and we really liked what we saw. We loved the intuitive user interface and the flexibility of the system,” she recalls.

“Invenias assured us that they would be able to easily migrate all of our data from our previous provider. The transfer of our data was smooth and seamless, and the Invenias staff were accessible to us throughout the process. They were always reachable, they were always responsive and we were impressed.”
Stephanie Hartman
Business Manager

Hartman adds that North Line Partners not only gained an important technological edge over other firms in making the switch, but also an additional trusted source of insight to make it an even more powerful and useful tool.

“It’s been excellent. Over the past few years, we have made a lot of referrals to Invenias,” she says. The team has found that Invenias is always willing to listen to any suggestions about making its functionality align very specifically to their users’ preferences.

“When it comes to functionality, the Invenias support team not only helps us make the most of the system, but as we discover new ways to leverage information for the benefit of our firm, they’ll even show you how to tailor the Invenias system to enable those new capabilities for North Line Partners,” Hartman says.

One of the ways Invenias rises above the competition, she says, is that it’s so easy and intuitive to learn that everyone from administrative staff to managing partners can easily navigate their way around the system to access the information they need, when they need it.

“I can confidently say Invenias has helped us operate more efficiently. What we love about our partnership with Invenias is that it’s very much a reciprocal relationship. They want to hear from us with ideas, and they’ve been very quick to respond and extremely helpful with getting us off to a terrific start and continue our success. They’ve been a great resource, as we’ve scaled our business,” Hartman says.

“I’ve been in search myself for almost 16 years and I’ve worked with four or five different databases specifically for search. Invenias is the best I’ve ever worked with, hands down.”