Meeting the Recruitment Needs of Global Clients

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Oakstone CEO Paul Rayner understands and enjoys technology. That’s no surprise: his company specialises in recruiting senior and executive specialists into commercially focused positions at largely US-based technology firms supplying high-value software to multi-national organisations.

So, when he selected Invenias, Paul knew what he was looking for. “There was nothing wrong with the recruitment software we were previously using, but about four years ago I decided we needed to move to a more modern and technically integrated system,” he says. “I’d heard about Invenias and liked the fact that the company was growing and moving forward – just as we are. Our previous software provider had done an excellent job, but I wanted something that was more current and updated on a regular basis.”

“The single most important factor in every business is its people – finding and retaining the best is, and will always be, a company’s greatest challenge. Oakstone International’s experienced recruitment professionals work on the Invenias platform to help their clients rise to this challenge.”

Paul Rayner, CEO

He adds that Oakstone’s recruitment professionals enjoy the software’s integration with Outlook and the way it integrates with external social networks, such as LinkedIn. “It has good search capabilities and our teams are able to use Invenias to manage their assignments well,” he says. All in all “the Invenias software is significantly better and gives us a lot of business advantages”. While the technology and its functionality are just what Paul was looking for to complement the people-oriented consultants at Oakstone, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Paul continues: “When you implement new software there will always be a few problems. “We initially invested in system updates and hardware upgrades knowing that Invenias clearly state users will experience significantly fewer issues and far better performance when the base system is as up to date as possible. “A few years down the line, however, we began experiencing speed and reliability issues. This was frustrating for us and we turned to Invenias to resolve the situation. They brought in an independent firm to assess these issues. They pored over everything: our systems, laptops, PCs and our broadband connectivity. This resulted in a number of recommended fixes, which were largely quick and easy to carry out. “So, it is no surprise that I am an advocate of Invenias. The software is a great product and the company has shown that value comes from how you behave when things aren’t going well, not just when it’s all going smoothly.” And what of the recruitment professionals using the Invenias application day in, day out? Divisional Director Andy Strong echoes Paul’s appreciation for the functionality, saying: “The user interface (UI) is excellent and we save time by being able to access everything within the single database screen – from Outlook emails, to Company and Person records and their connected LinkedIn profiles.” For Andy, there is another important attribute that he feels is often an understated feature. He explains: “The ability to configure the UI the way you want to use it is really handy. It is good to be able to have my own view, tailored to the way I work. What’s also great is that it is easy to set up, with no need for any technical support.” CEO Paul adds:

“Invenias is a good, fully functional, well-designed piece of software that works for us as a specialist recruitment firm. It supports collaboration between our people and helps us to meet the recruitment needs of our global clients.”


Paul Rayner

  • Founded by current CEO Paul Rayner in 1995
  • Officially renamed as Oakstone in 2000
  • Headquartered in Poole (UK), with offices in San Francisco (USA), and High Wycombe (UK)
  • Clients are largely US-based high value business-oriented software firms
  • Candidates typically go into strategic commercially-focused roles such as Sales Management and Execs, Senior VPs and technically orientated management professionals