Digital Engagement Delivers Market Differentiation

For ON Partners’ Seth Harris, the journey to Invenias has been closely linked with the firm’s digital evolution.

“We’d been using a solution from a boutique contact management software provider,” he explains, “but had begun to outgrow it. We felt the system wasn’t scaling to our needs and, as we pursued an aggressive growth strategy, we needed greater functionality and scalability.

“We’d brought on board a number of new partners as part of the firm’s growth and this seemed the perfect time to pause, take stock and re-think our system requirements.

An ON Partners selection committee evaluated four systems before choosing Invenias. “One of our partners had been referred to Invenias,” says Seth, “so we included the platform in our assessment. Having been built from the ground up for executive search firms, Invenias offered us the most robust end-to-end solution of all those we looked at.

“The high level of integration with Outlook was also a definite plus, as was the way it integrated with our firm’s existing workflow.”

“When you’re recruiting into technology sectors, you
need to be using the very latest digital tools to assure
your credibility with both clients and candidates.
Invenias gives us that credibility.”
Seth Harris

ON Partners is using the Invenias Client app, which allows their clients a realtime view into their assignment and comprehensive candidate information at their fingertips. He added that ON Partners’ clients were asking for digital access to information and this further fuelled the firm’s choice. “We felt we had to respond to this demand and while another vendor offered a similar type of UI, they didn’t have the back-end system strength of the Invenias platform, so it was a straightforward decision for us.”

ON Partners is always looking for efficiencies through a more streamlined process, and Invenias Client has enabled ON Partners to have a more efficient and effective way of collaborating with their clients.

“In a highly competitive market we need to find ways to distinguish ourselves and deliver a better experience to our clients and candidates, and that’s what Invenias gives us.”

With the Invenias platform, the firm now has a system that equips its consultants with the ability to filter through the hundreds of conversations they have each day in order to pinpoint the most appropriate candidates for their clients’ needs.

The ability to interact directly with these candidates is important for ON Partners. The firm hires C-level, board and senior executive talent with a technology focus, so digital engagement with them is increasingly viewed as part of the mix.

“We went live with Invenias in December 2015 and initially began with a focus on digitizing the client interface. Now we’re starting to investigate the Invenias Candidate app.”
Seth Harris

He adds that, in line with the brand created by ON Partners as a tech-centric company, he expects to see an aggressive adoption of the Candidate app. This app will enable the company to digitally engage with senior-level talent in a way they would expect. Candidates will be given access to detailed information about potential opportunities, as well as mobile access to all interview details and progress updates. Seth continues: “It’s important that we’re using the best available tools if we’re to maintain a differentiating position in the eyes of both candidates and clients.”

The transition to the cloud platform giving the firm such digital tools was, according to Seth, far easier and less painful than he’d expected. “I’ve made this type of transition a number of times before so was expecting it to be a challenge. However, the process and project management offered by the Invenias team was thorough and professional.

“This was a big deal for us – as is any system change. If the transition had gone off the rails at any time, it would have been a big problem. As the lead sponsor for this project, it was hugely important for me that the Invenias team gave me all the information I needed to keep my fellow partners up to speed on our progress. I was able to reassure them throughout the transition that we were on target and that Invenias was the right investment decision. For a profit-focused firm, that reassurance was invaluable.”

Since making the move to the Invenias platform, several of the firm’s partners have contacted Seth to say that it was “absolutely the right decision.” And with the ability to better engage with clients and candidates through digital channels, ON Partners is clearly demonstrating it has grasped the value of digital engagement