Transforming Client Management In Real Time

“The ability to engage digitally with clients in real time gives us an important differentiator in the executive search market.”

Qualigence International prides itself on doing things differently. Instead of fixed fees and commissions, it operates on an hourly rate basis and believes this enables its recruiters and researchers to work more strategically – and cost effectively – for its clients. Always looking for ways of improving its client relationships, Qualigence invested in a new cloud-based search platform from Invenias that has added an important collaborative layer to its client engagement.

“We’d been using the same Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for a long time and it had become outdated,” explains Scott Wilson, Qualigence Recruiting Team Lead. “In the highly competitive executive search sector, the system wasn’t providing us with a number of business critical capabilities. It didn’t allow us to refer back to previous candidates when clients asked us for more information or updates on their status. And it lacked the functionality to generate reports for individual clients, so that we were doing much of this work manually.”

Upgrading to a new, more functionally rich platform became a strategic imperative. Simply tracking applicants was no longer enough. Company CEO Steve Lowisz led the search looking into a number of systems on the market. “He got close to selecting one system, but it simply didn’t have the usability he was looking for,” continues Scott. “Instead, he followed up a recommendation to assess the Invenias platform.”

Encouraged by the intuitive user-centric operating model offered by Invenias, Steve asked Scott and a small number of other colleagues to explore the platform and offer their thoughts. Its integration with Outlook, links with external sources, such as LinkedIn, and shared, real-time database gave them compelling reasons to give Invenias a vote of confidence.

Qualigence chose to implement Invenias whilst still running its old system for existing work. “This enabled us to complete the projects we’d already begun using the old system and start all new work within Invenias,” says Scott. “This reduced any element of risk associated with rolling out a new IT platform. Because so much of what we’d done previously was manual, our people are enthused by their new digital work environment. It is transforming their client and candidate management.”

“Our people are enthused by their new digital work environment. It is transforming their client and candidate management.”
Scott Wilson
Recruiting Team Lead

The ability to collaborate, both internally and with clients, is one of the key benefits being realised by the 20 or so employees currently using Invenias. “The platform is up and running in different departments,” explains Scott. “If a project transitions from one department to another, it’s a simple matter for the new team to quickly get up to speed because all the information is held in one place, in real time. Similarly, when someone has to pick up a colleague’s workload if they are on leave, there’s no need to search in desks or multiple databases for relevant information: it’s all there at the click of a mouse. The benefits in terms of both workforce satisfaction and productivity are tangible.”

Some of the firm’s clients have been given secure access to the Invenias platform and this too is making a big difference. “They’re able to go in and get real-time updates on their recruitment project without having to pick up the phone or wait for an email,” says Scott. “We have a number of retained clients for whom this is proving a valuable resource. They gain peace of mind that their talent search is progressing and we are able to show them where their hourly spend is being invested.”

The team at Qualigence International is still exploring the full potential of its new platform and Scott says the next step will be to expand their use of the candidate engagement capabilities. “We’ve begun with building our candidate repository for future recalls. This will help us to reduce the amount of documentation we need for managing the talent on our books. We’re already saving valuable time by being able to communicate far more efficiently than before, so our next step will be to use Invenias to build richer candidate profiles and share knowledge about each candidate between teams.”