Cloud-based technology allows recruitment on-the-go

RP International’s CEO talks about having the right technology to work while anywhere in the world.

Providing global recruitment solutions is nothing new for RP International who have been specialists within the telecoms and technology space since 1998. Maintaining a lean business model with a team of just 80 specialist consultants located across six international hubs, they service a widespread client base in over 100 countries.

Supplying technology experts to lead IT transformation projects the world over, RP International had specific requirements when it came to implementing their own transformation project. Most importantly they needed an intuitive cloud-based operating system that was mobile friendly. What they got when they chose Invenias was a system that is, in the words of their CEO Stuart Wilson: “Slicker, user-friendly and intuitive.”

Wilson explains: “The problem is that most of the systems that have been around for a long time are adapted from outdated technology with little innovation, they’re just the same thing rehashed – based on the same systems that were written 20 years ago.

Invenias set themselves apart because the technology is all brand new – they are a true cloud-based system.” An important factor in RP International’s choice to go with Invenias was the sheer ease of use – something which made the switchover painless. “With a similar interface to Outlook, Consultants have needed minimal training and are finding the system far better than any they have used previously,” Wilson says.

Having started to work with Invenias in July 2013, RP International had fully implemented the system across all international hubs within six months and are already reaping the rewards – their consultants are able to work more efficiently, perform more complex searches and utilise their existing database more productively than ever before.

RP International maintains a 24/7 operation across a global infrastructure and offices spanning Europe, the Middle East and Asia, where they provide flexible recruitment solutions to their global customer base. “If you’re servicing an international footprint and your salesforce are internationally mobile, Invenias is cutting edge. “At RP International we encourage face to face interaction with customers wherever possible, which presents some challenges when our customer base is so widespread, so we’re always traveling, always on the road.

“One of the main advantages of using Invenias is that it is so incredibly easy to use when you’re on-the-go. You type an email, go on to a client visit or access a CV, everything is there on your laptop – you don’t even have to be connected.”
Stuart Wilson

“If you’re on a plane you can work for five, six, seven hours and it all populates straight back to the database as soon as you connect to Wi-Fi. Nothing else we saw worked like that. It enables you to hold on to that information and get it down in the fastest possible time. If you have to get back to your desk and do it there, your phone’s rung and you’ve already moved onto something else.”

Supporting a strategy of diversification into new sectors Specialists within the international telecoms sector, the recruiter has traditionally worked in partnership with telecoms providers, operators and technology companies. RP International’s diverse client base ranges from start-ups through to MNCs and now includes international banks, Magic Circle law firms and some of the world’s major airlines.

As technology becomes increasingly fundamental to every industry they will continue to branch out into new sectors such as Fashion, Retail, Energy, Government, Security and Utilities.

Diversifying from a narrow industry focus to such a broad mix of clients requiring similar key skills was both a strategic decision and natural progression. “It was vital we had a system in place that would support this shift in the market place, during the transference of sought-after skills from telecoms into other industries,” says Wilson.

David Grundy, CEO of Invenias comments: “Invenias is delighted that RP International have chosen the Invenias executive search and recruitment software platform to underpin its global operations. We have invested heavily in the development of unique technology that ensures our SaaS platform provides consistent and fast performance for companies wherever they need to operate. We’re looking forward to supporting the continued global growth at RP International in the years ahead.”