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“Having an interactive tool that allows me to monitor activity and flag up any shortfalls is a huge asset.”

Cameron Berry, Data & Insight Training Analyst, at Sheffield Haworth, is enthused by the level of insight provided by Invenias Analytics Dashboards. The London-based global executive search firm is a keen proponent of the Invenias cloud-based technology platform and recently started using the additional functionality of Invenias Analytics Dashboards “It’s amazing. I didn’t expect the dashboards to be so helpful, so it came as a nice surprise,” says Cameron. The firm’s approach to business development is now far more transparent, with senior consultants able to easily track the progress of their teams’ assignments. Added to the Invenias cloud-based platform in 2016, Analytics Dashboards enable firms like Sheffield Haworth to visualise, analyse and interact with their data.

Cameron took the time to read the online training guides in Invenias Help and describes this as “a good experience”. She continues: “It’s important to understand your data, to know both where it is and that it’s consistent. We get that understanding and assurance with Invenias. This is a powerful tool, especially for our senior executives."

“We’re using different dashboards within the product for assessing business development activity and current mandates in the firm. A manager can easily analyse how a consultant is doing over the course of a year, what assignments they are working on, and how much business development they are doing.”

Cameron Berry, Data & Insight Training Analyst

“Importantly, using Invenias Analytics Dashboards helps ensure that the assignments are being run with best practices in the system. For example, user activity dashboards instil best practice in the use of Journals, because if there's nothing in the Journal it won't come up in the dashboard. The granularity enables us to see assignment activity by action, such as the total number of notes, appointments and client interviews. If at least one of these doesn’t show up in the dashboard, I’m able to remind people that we need their input using a note field on the dashboard.”

Cameron trained her colleagues on how to use the dashboards and set about enforcing best practices, such as logging calls, emails, or conversations. She then undertook an interesting exercise in comparing the data entered in the system a month before they started using Invenias Analytics Dashboards with the data entered afterwards. “I was able to show everyone just how much benefit we were getting now, compared with before. It was important that they understood our progress and our success in this respect.”

“Using Invenias Analytics Dashboards helps ensure that the assignments are being run with best practices in the system.”

For the firm’s Chairman, Tim Sheffield, the different dashboards within Invenias Analytics Dashboards are incredibly helpful. He uses them to see what people are doing and as a valuable metric of the firm’s progress and prospects. Cameron too describes them as “a huge help” both for the visibility they provide into each team’s progress and for the best practices they’ve instilled across the business.


Cameron Berry

Data & Insight Training Analyst
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