Enhanced Data Ensures A More Targeted Approach

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Richard Fisher is Managing Director of Skillsearch, specialists in sourcing and placing professionals in the IT and digital sectors. The organization provides leading companies across the globe with top talent in niche sectors though their two divisions, Skillsearch Digital and Skillsearch Technology, and has enjoyed rapid international growth. Data quality is of the utmost importance to Richard and his team, particularly given the highly specialized, skills driven requirements of their clients and candidates.

Due to growing frustrations with their previous software provider and their attempts to sell additional functionality and features, Skillsearch took the opportunity to assess other products on the market. A key driver for choosing Invenias was the software’s ability to improve the quality of data and return targeted candidate shortlists and searches at the click of a button, but without sacrificing on the ease or pace of data capture. Richard admits that whilst he had not heard of Invenias before, the “constant adaption and evolution of the platform to address changes in the market are a big part of the Invenias appeal.”

“We operate in a very niche environment and as a result, data quality is key for exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our previous software enabled us to capture similar information, but without the focus on data quality. We were looking for a product that really met our needs as a niche contingent recruiter - Invenias is that system. Data capture is quick and easy, and we have really enhanced the quality of data held.”

Richard Fisher, Managing Director

Skillsearch enjoyed a seamless transition to the Invenias Platform. Richard describes the migration process as “a doddle and a real success” he continues, “it didn’t feel like I had to learn a new system, Invenias just sits within my email inbox, where else do I need to go? It’s just so intuitive, it didn’t feel unfamiliar and this has led to full adoption by the whole team.” As a result of the integration with Outlook and the smooth transition to Invenias, Richard and his team were able to hit the ground running. Any questions and queries were quickly answered by the Invenias Support Team and they have also been able to draw on the experience and insight of the wider Invenias Team. In addition, regular contact with a dedicated account manager ensures that Richard and his team are benefitting from the latest features and functionality of the platform. Since their move to Invenias, Richard has been particularly impressed with the speed and quality of searches. He goes on to say “there’s no more Boolean, complex searches. In just a few clicks, we have an instant view of our universe, we can then drill down by skills or region and have a high quality targeted shortlist, it’s not just spray and pray.” Moving forward, Richard is particularly looking forward to having greater insight into business performance through the use Invenias Analytics Dashboards. Richard says “Invenias Analytics Dashboards give me an instant overview of my business metrics at a glance. I’ve got full visibility of how we’re performing, both at a company and an individual level.” He concludes “the dashboards will offer a comprehensive solution and will mean we won’t need to use anything else for our business reporting.”

“Being part of the development of the product is great. Invenias extend an ear to enable the whole team to give feedback, comments and suggestions on how to enhance their product offering and that’s really valuable to us.”


Richard Fisher

Managing Director
  • Founded in 2006.
  • Clients in the UK and internationally.
  • Specialists in sourcing and placing professionals in the IT and digital sectors.
  • Meet the highly specialized requirements of clients and candidates through their two divisions, Skillsearch Digital and Skillsearch Technology.