Technology provides visibility and creates a richer database

Lesley Boyd, Vice President of Search Operations for Storbeck Search & Associates, is thrilled with the visibility of information within their database, and the ease of access to this data, which is provided by the cloud-based Invenias platform.

Storbeck Search & Associates, founded to focus on executive search in the education and nonprofit sectors, is a US-based, woman-founded firm. The firm’s practice found that these key benefits of Invenias, coupled with the ease of reporting, have allowed them to work more efficiently.

Keen to explore other solutions in the market, Storbeck Search’s practice quickly found a suitable partner in Invenias. ‘We were really looking for something user-friendly, which was also capable of running complicated advanced searches in our well-defined network of candidates which we already had in our database,’ explains Lesley. Having explored a number of options, Invenias stood out as the superior option as it is built to address the specific nuances of executive search. Lesley continues: ‘Invenias offered us overall superior technology, a clear commitment to continued innovation, and robust staffing and support.’

"Invenias offered us overall superior technology, clear commitment to continued innovation, and robust staffing and support."
Lesley Boyd
Vice President, Search Operations

Understandably apprehensive about switching platforms, Lesley found that the migration went smoothly. ‘There is always a level of anxiety when changing a major component of a company’s technological make-up. We were initially sceptical that we would find a technology platform superior to make the pain of migration worthwhile. However, there was a real ease of transition to Invenias. Even the most reticent amongst us took to Invenias fairly easily – largely thanks to how fast and intuitive the software is.’

A large bonus of using Invenias has been the quality of data that the firm is now able to easily access. In an industry which is so heavily reliant on having up-to-date information, having a database of relevant knowledge available at the click of a button has been a major advantage. Lesley explains: ‘We were able to store resumes before using Invenias, but accessing that data was tough. As a result of this, at times some of our most important information was kept outside the database.’ The ability to easily create reports on candidates has seen an increase in company efficiency. ‘Invenias has been a huge time saver, and has helped us to improve efficiency. Invenias allows us to capture details and easily export this, at the touch of a button, for our clients.’

And it is not just useful as a database for delivering assignments. ‘We also use Invenias to action all of our business development.’ The next step is to evaluate Invenias Client and look closely at using the scoring features, as this will add further value to Storbeck Search's existing database.