Search Software for Fast-Track Business Growth

When João Marcio Souza and his team at Talenses went looking for a ‘plug-and-play’ software solution for their fast-growth search firm, they were pleasantly surprised to find a technology platform built intuitively to help executive search firms work better.

Souza and his Brazilian colleagues brought upwards of 15 years’ experience in executive and middle management recruiting to the founding of Talenses. They also brought a range of exposure to the technologies that enabled – and limited – the growth of other firms.

“We watched the development of the search business in Brazil along with the technology supporting it,” Souza recalls.

“We looked around for the kind of technology that could really enable our search activities, and we spoke to global as well as local technology companies,” Souza remembers. “But their solutions just didn’t fit with our business.”

Thankfully, he shares, one of his Talenses colleagues heard about Invenias. That led to an initial conversation, a software demo and, ultimately, the realization that Invenias presented the kind of technology platform that could help the firm grow in headcount as well as geographic reach across Latin America.

“Invenias fast-tracked our startup in the first year and also helped us create a more scalable business in our second year,” Souza says.

“We grew faster because we have Invenias,” he adds. “With a system like Invenias that is built on world-class technology, everyone on your team is plugged into the same information. The result is that we can all focus on building our business and working together in closer harmony.”

His colleague, Henrique Gamba, executive manager of the firm’s IT & Telecom practice, says he has worked in the search industry for the past seven years and has led the integration projects of firm-wide information systems three times, giving him an incredible perspective on what works.

“By far, Invenias is the friendliest and most reliable of all the systems, having a very high overall acceptance rate amongst the users and managers, its flexible fields and customisation make it a very adaptable and versatile option for different sizes and types of businesses.”
João Marcio Souza
Executive Director & Founder

For his part, Souza says one of the real attractions of Invenias was the fact that is was developed by executives who previously worked in executive search and who therefore uniquely appreciated the information needs of search executives.

“Everything is cloud-based, plug and play,” Souza says of Invenias. “It’s a very user-friendly technology, with easy integration with Outlook and social networking sites. It’s a very friendly screen experience, no matter what device you’re working on.”

“You work on one screen with the system,” Souza says. “The user interface is very natural and intuitive. It’s a very pliable tool, so you can customize the data fields to suit your needs. This is my third big startup in the search business and the best user experience I’ve had, so I know that Invenias is world-class and state-of-the-art.”

For specific tasks, he adds, Souza can easily program the data fields he needs to code the candidates that he wants to prioritize. “It’s a very fast and easy process to change the fields without having to talk to a field developer or engineer to help us with that. I can do it on my own because it’s very simple and clear.”

As they continue to grow, Souza says, the Talenses team will do so with the reassurance that that the road ahead won’t include any technology logjams.

“Whenever we launch another operation in another location, it will be very easy to plug and play into a new regional office,” Souza says.

“We are confident that we are going to grow with Invenias over the long range. We feel very comfortable to have a successful business powered by the very best technology available.