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Sue Simmons is Manager – Data & Management Insights, at The Miles Partnership, a London-based multidisciplinary boutique search firm. Having joined the company in 2017 to support the development of its CRM system and enhance the value of the firm’s knowledge, she’s thrilled to be able to turn data into insight quickly and easily.

“I came to The Miles Partnership from a background where I had to do a lot of analysis,” she explains. “It was typically very tedious to export data out of the system, clean it up and turn it into graphs. So, to have a tool that does all of that automatically is amazing.”

She’s talking about Invenias Analytics Dashboards, a premium product introduced to the Invenias cloud-based platform in 2016. Invenias Analytics Dashboards give executive search and hiring firms the ability to visualise, analyse and interact with their data. And that’s exactly what Sue and her colleagues at The Miles Partnership are doing.

“Our CEO Chris Stainton is keen for us to gain as much insight from the system as possible. This was difficult with our old system, but with Invenias it couldn’t be easier. Chris really values the insight we get from Invenias Analytics Dashboards. It gives him a helicopter view of the business that he would not otherwise have.”

“We’re really tapping into the power of data analytics and it’s driving a best practice approach to information management across our firm.”

Sue Simmons, Manager – Data & Management Insights

Invenias Analytics Dashboards help firms like The Miles Partnership keep track of assignment movement, user activity and billing and forecasting, enabling them to see business performance at a glance. This powers data-driven decision making with clear and interactive business performance metrics that can be securely shared with relevant stakeholders or across the wider business.

At The Miles Partnership, Sue began her journey with Invenias Analytics Dashboards by reading through the training guides on Invenias Help to teach herself how to get the most out of the product. The editability of the templates provided meant that she was able to modify them to the firm’s individual requirements.

“We’ve got a tool that’s driving best practice,” Sue says. “If people don’t put information into the Invenias system, then to all intents and purposes it simply hasn’t happened. So, there’s a new information-led culture that’s been driven from the very top of our company.”

The Miles Partnership is using several dashboards within the product.  “As an example, the Business Development dashboard is based on user actions and I’ve created specific subgroups so that I can quickly hone in on only the relevant data I need at any one time. We can click through and see what’s planned for each of the firm’s practice areas and where meetings are due, and we can identify if there are dips in any area of the business.

“We’re able to see when an assignment trips from an opportunity into a full assignment. We then monitor how long an assignment is open.  In fact, with such a clear picture of all our open assignments, we realised that there were many historical assignments migrated across from our old system that should have been closed. We carried out some housekeeping and cleaned up the data to ensure it was relevant to where we are today, not several years ago.”

Sue says that it’s easy to flag and see who needs to update details in the system, such as monthly forecasting. When an overly-long open assignment is flagged, she’s able to send a screenshot for people to see what's going on and to get them to take action.

“I love that Invenias Analytics Dashboards immediately shows me exactly what’s happened across the business. I can see when something isn’t working and whether users need more training, or if Finance needs to work more actively in the system. It’s an amazing tool.”


Sue Simmons

Manager – Data & Management Insights
  • Founded in 1996 by Miles Broadbent.
  • Based in London, with international reach
  • Executive and board-level search, interim management, leadership consulting
  • Diverse industry and function client base
  • Previously using FileFinder