Gaining Visibility of Global Talent

“We’re a small team with a global presence. We wanted to improve our efficiency and accuracy by moving away from a more labour intensive database to a system that takes a lot of the work away from the team – Invenias was by far the best system we looked at in this regard.”

Tonic International Recruitment founder Lynsey Cutmore runs a busy operation. “As a boutique international search firm we’ve established a reputation for placing top talent into cross-border roles. Our business model is built on a virtual recruitment offering and we need visibility of our global candidates from our London HQ, as well as when we’re travelling,” she explains.

These candidates are senior level executives, investment and finance specialists and other people in specialist roles working across all major international locations. Tonic needs to be able to identify, engage with and recruit them quickly and easily as and when its clients have strategic positions to fill.

The company had been using a heavily manual database to help with its candidate management. However, as the business grew, the database proved to be lacking in a number of areas – particularly efficiency and the search functionality. Tonic’s management began looking for a more holistic database that would offer an integrated view of the talent available to clients – ideally one that would also help reduce the database admin burden on Tonic’s users.

The solution came via a recommendation from a new Tonic consultant. “I mentioned that we were looking to replace our existing database and he immediately suggested Invenias,” says Lynsey. “He had used it himself when working in a previous company and thought it would be just what we needed. He was right.”

The business looked at Invenias and was impressed. Time was of the essence and, with the solution coming highly recommended, Lynsey’s team didn’t feel it needed to look anywhere else.

The transition to the Invenias cloud-based platform involved the transfer of large volumes of data. It was a complex process, but was relatively straightforward to achieve with Invenias providing strong support during the migration. That support included online training for the company’s users.

“The Invenias platform is extremely straightforward and user friendly, so much so that we actually didn’t need as much training as was offered.”
Lynsey Cutmore

Lynsey continues. “My team were up and running with just 2 hours of targeted training.”

The beauty of Invenias is that it can automatically save information from different sources, rather than users having to search, drag, cut and paste. It simply lives in Outlook and that was important for Tonic. Its teams use Outlook as a matter of course and now the same applies to the new Invenias system. This is already having a knock-on effect on the company’s performance.

As an example of the improvement in productivity levels, Tonic’s researcher has significantly reduced the time he spends on admin.

“Using the old database, he previously spent 25% of his time performing admin tasks, but has reduced this to just 5% with Invenias.”
Lynsey Cutmore

This has freed him up for other value-added tasks supporting candidate management.

Lynsey believes that Invenias has given Tonic greater access to candidates. “We have far more visibility of the global talent pool with which we connect – particularly historic candidates, who were lost to us due to poor search results on our previous system. Our consultants are prompted to take action instead of having to remind themselves to do so, and the information they’re using is more robust than before. This has resulted in real increases in productivity. Yes, I’m delighted we switched to Invenias.”