If Your Team Won’t Use It, Your Software Can’t Help

The power and possibilities of executive search software can’t help your firm achieve its business goals if the user interface is too cumbersome for your team to use. Software that is intuitive and helpful to search professionals can help your team reach maximum performance – and give it a clear market advantage.

Sometimes, you have to experience what other technologies are lacking and learn why your team won’t use them before you can truly gain an appreciation for the capabilities of new executive search software.

Luis Gonzalez, client partner for TRANSEARCH Americas in Miami, says one of the biggest takeaways from the firm’s exploration of the right executive search software was the realization that no technology can help a retained search firm achieve its potential if it isn’t adopted into the daily working habits of its team.

“The importance of the database is only as good as the information you put into it,” Gonzalez says. And if search consultants, researchers and administrative staff aren’t keeping records up to date and capturing new intelligence on clients, prospects and candidates, the database files are going to be of little value on the firm’s next search assignment.

TRANSEARCH Americas started employing technology to manage its information assets years ago with one software system that wasn’t built specifically for retained search firm knowledge management. It then moved to what Gonzalez described as a “legacy provider” of executive search software that the firm’s people simply rejected by refusing to use it.

“People were rarely using our legacy provider’s software,” Gonzalez says. “It was a chore to use. Just getting people to use it consistently and getting the information in there was cumbersome. You couldn’t just parse a resume. The ease of use just wasn’t there.”

A search firm staff’s resistance to use a system that simply wasn’t very userfriendly often leads to procrastination with the firm, and then hurried, lastminute attempts to enter the data needed to satisfy a certain assignment need.

Even if executive search software has good data reporting functionality, those reports – be they for candidate presentations or client updates – were only as good as the information that was being entered into the system. “Because of how hard it was to use and how slow it was, people weren’t too keen on using it,” Gonzalez recalls. Luiza Guzman, the firm’s founder, figured there had to be a better way. So the TRANSEARCH Americas team looked at Invenias and immediately saw how their operations, communications and productivity could be improved.

“We could see very quickly that because of the intuitive interface, more of our people would be willing to use Invenias.”
Luis Gonzalez
Client Partner

“Once we did a couple of run-throughs and did some test-use of Invenias, we started to realize this was going to be worth the change because we could use our database the ways we always expected to,” he adds.

“Our information would be more accessible because our people were using Microsoft Outlook every minute of every day. Invenias is very easy to use and to put in information about new assignments. Data entry is never an exciting process, but Invenias allows you to do it with ease. Where it used to take 15- 20 minutes with our old legacy search software, it now takes me less than 5 minutes with Invenias,” he adds.

Gonzalez says the TRANSEARCH Americas team has embraced Invenias because it represents a vast improvement over the firm’s previous search software. ‘So far, it’s been positive. The feedback I get from my team is that they’re all using Invenias. We’re getting information into the system immediately, and that’s making it easier to access information. Overall, the team has been very receptive to it.”

Gonzalez says switching to a new search software system has benefitted the firm in multiple ways.

“We’re happy we made the change for the sake of saving time and making information more accessible to people across the firm.”
Luis Gonzalez
Client Partner

“We have also achieved firm-wide adoption of the Invenias software. Everyone has had good things to say about its ease of use, which is something that we considered as very important when we were evaluating making the change,” he recalls.

“You can use Invenias semi-effortlessly. You can figure things out very quickly because of its intuitive nature. It’s very intuitive and it’s clear it was designed to align with common sense and what comes naturally,” Gonzalez says.

That is really the key for any search firm. If you can enlist the support and engagement of everyone in the firm with your executive search software, your team will capture more information, access it more quickly, and leverage it to serve clients more effectively than ever before.