22 Jan2019

Recruitment Grapevine Magazine: Global Leaders Series: Tim Sheffield, Chairman, Sheffield Haworth

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Featured in the January edition of Executive Grapevine's Recruitment Grapevine Magazine, the first interview in the Invenias Global Leaders Series sees Tim Sheffield, Chairman of Sheffield Haworth share his views on how firms can stay relevant in today’s highly competitive business climate, as well as his predictions for the future of executive search. 

Ensuring survival in Executive Search

Tim Sheffield, Chairman of Sheffield Haworth explores how the industry's toughest challenge can be the key to survival in 2019.

Remaining relevant is one of the executive search industry’s toughest challenges, according to Tim Sheffield, Chairman of Sheffield Haworth. “Clients are more sophisticated in how they acquire senior talent than ever before,” he explains. “Many have pretty impressive in-house talent acquisition teams, so our industry has to ensure it’s adding value – or what is its purpose?”

Sheffield is well placed to have a view on the industry in which he’s carved his career for almost three decades. At 26-years of age, just two years into his first job in executive search, he teamed up with Nigel Haworth to establish Sheffield Haworth.

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